Jam Noma

Everyone hates traffic!

Highscore: 15

Turkana The Game

Direct water from the Kawalasee to the shamba.

Highscore: 81


Ready for a break from your crazy day?

Highscore: 18,807

Battle Tuk Tuks

Launch tuk tuk’s to find & destroy your opponent!

Highscore: 6,437

Maasai Mkali

Mario & Luigi’s Maasai cousin

Highscore: 234

Okoa Simba

Based on 2048, match the animals to win!

Highscore: 402,150


Sodoku but with Animals!

Highscore: 4,024


Travel skies while distributing seed balls!

Highscore: 116,000

Mama Mboga

Help Mama chop all her vegetables!

Highscore: 7,700

Beat A Boda Boda

So you think you know your facts?

Highscore: 122,026

Chukua Mbuzi

Help the butcher catch the goat!

Highscore: 8